Postgraduate Teaching


2005: “Understanding and Assessing Dental Anxiety: Saying “just relax” isn’t enough”, Burlington, ON

2003: Presentation at the International Association of Dental Research “How Well Do We Assess Dental Anxiety in Children?”, Sweden

2002: Postgraduate Lectures: “Behavioural Management of Anxious Patients”, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness, Scotland

2001: Presentation to the British Dental Association, “Management of the Anxious Child”, Dundee, Scotland
Postgraduate teaching: “Successful Anaesthesia in Fearful Dental Patients”, “Inhalation Sedation and Behavioural Therapy”, Dundee, Scotland

1999: Presentation to the Behavioural Sciences Group “Anxiety and Angst: A Dentist’s Perspective”, Dundee, Scotland
Presentation at the 17th Congress of the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry, “Categorising Anxieties of Children Attending a Dental Fear Clinic”, London, England

1998: Postgraduate Lecture, “Children Who Refuse Local Anaesthetic”, Dundee, Scotland
Poster Presentation at the International Association for Dental Research, Nice, France

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