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Dental Anxiety


Overcoming the Fear of Dentistry
Recent advances in local anaesthetic have made dentistry a largely pain-free experience, however dental anxiety and the fear of dentists remains one of the most common fears among both children and adults. At Mill Ridge Family Dental Care, we take a special interest in treating people with dental anxiety and a fear of dentists, people for whom dental appointments are a stressful event.

With a Masters degree in Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapy, in addition to her Doctorate in Dental Surgery, Dr. Levitt is a recognized leader in the assessment and treatment of dental anxiety. We understand that patients need to be given control over their dental treatment. As a result, patients who have a fear of dentists are provided with the coping skills they need to complete their dental treatment.

These are the cornerstones of our dental anxiety treatment philosophy. Using these methods, we have helped many patients who have avoided dentists for years to recapture there healthy smiles in a comfortable and stress free environment.

Common Dental Fears:

  • Fear of Pain
  • Insufficient freezing
  • Loss of control
  • Sound of the drill
  • Needle phobia
  • Painful cleanings

Mill Ridge Family Dental Care is one of the few practices in Ontario that uses behavioural and psychological techniques to help patients overcome their dental anxiety and fear of dentists, improving their ability to cope with dental treatment. Dr. Joyce Levitt has over 18 years of dental experience and knowledge that has helped both adults and children overcome their dental anxiety and fear of dentists.

Moreover, for patients with dental anxiety and a fear of dentists, nitrous oxide sedation and oral sedation are available during dental treatment.

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